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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We value diversity, and know that we can’t build great software (and a great company) without drawing upon people with a diverse set of experiences and perspectives. We also know that a diverse community does not thrive without a culture of inclusion and belonging, and practices that emphasize equity.

Our Culture

‘Pledges and statements are nice, but data is the key to accountability and change’

-Paul Rubenstein - Visier’s Head of People & Culture.

Creating a better world starts with creating a better company. At Visier, we hold ourselves accountable to DEI goals and a commitment to building a culture of belonging. We use our own software to drive accountability for change internally, setting goals and reporting on our progress. We have an active Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board to help guide our DEIB programs.

We bring this all together at Visier in our Open Mind - Open Book - Open Heart framework. You can learn more in this video, or by clicking the link below.

Open Mind, Open Book, Open Heart

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